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Welcome to The Book Swap – a local shared library.

This site is now live.

The aim of this site is to enable people to swap used books between people in their local area. They will do this by donating books to the home based library, they will be required to donate 5 books to become full members of the library. Once they are full members they will be able to take books from the library and add new books to the library.

To take a look round the librry you can sign on as a guest by clicking on the 'GUEST' tab at the top of the page.

The library will be distributed among its members. Members will be expected to keep the books belonging to the library together (except for the one they are reading) perhaps on a shelf of a book case or in a box in the corner of a room.

When you want to borrow a book from the library an automatic email will be sent to whoever has the book at that time. Then through email exchange a date and time will be set for the book to be put in a carrier bag or other water tight container, on the doorstep of the person who has the book. The borrower will fetch the book observing all rules of social distancing. For people who are socially isolating volunteers will be sought to move the book to them.

We will launch this project in Macclesfield but other regions can set up branches in their areas.

It is thought that while the Covid 19 Pandemic is going on and Libraries, bookshops and charity shops are closed a facility like this will help people to have access to new reading materials.

People who are making the swap must do it in a way which is consistent with Government Social Exclusion rules. Avoid unnecessary journeys, so only choose local pick ups, combine pickup with going for groceries or exercise period. Avoid contact when the book is exchanged. Wash your hands thoroughly after you have collected the book. Isolate the book for at least 48 hours before starting to read it.

The library will operate through trust, anyone who is found to abuse that trust will be issued a warning or banned.

This project is brought to you by three supporters of a charity that supports a children's village in India. If you are able, please make a small donation to that charity. At these times charities are experiencing very difficult financial circumstances. Heal is an excellent charity which supports orphaned and disadvantaged children in India. A small 'DONATE' button has been placed in the top right hand corner of this and other screens to enable donations to easily be made. HEAL UK is a small charity run by volunteers in England enabling every penny of the money raised to go to support such children.

Keep Safe,
Brought to you by: Colin, Bharath and Reddy